Outdoor Environment

Donations are accepted through Willow Oak Montessori Foundation, Inc.

History and Current Work

Outdoor Play

Maria Montessori stressed the importance of outdoor learning, nature education, and connecting with the environment. The Montessori outdoor classroom is an extension of the indoor classroom, focusing on observation, caretaking, and exploration.

Vision and NLI

Willow Oak is partnering with the Natural Learning Institute, a self-funded organization housed within NC State’s College of Design, that helps organizations create stimulating, natural places for play, outdoor learning, and environmental education that recognize human dependence on the natural world.

Outdoor Committee

Willow Oak has established a dedicated committee to integrate with the planning team at NLI and other experts to determine project needs. Contact jmalloy@willowoakmontessoti.org with any questions or suggestions or to get involved.

Charter Plans

<include NLI plans and phase information for implementation>

Children's House Plans

<include NLI plans and phase information for implementation>


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