Volunteer Opportunities

This page will be updated as new volunteer opportunities are identified throughout the school year. Please sign up to support Charter School, Children's House, and Foundation tasks and events via the sign up links provided. Feel free to contact volunteer@willowoakmontessori.org with any questions.

Committee Volunteers

Do you have a desire to support Willow Oak Montessori in furthering its mission or would like to learn more about the many different committees that support our school? We’ve come up with this FAQ and would love to talk to you about joining. Please email BoardInterest@willowoakmontessori.org so we can set up a good time to chat.

WOM Foundation (supporting Charter and Children's House Communities)

WOM Charter School Volunteer Opportunities

Beech (formerly Green Class-LE)

Loblolly (formerly Orange Class-LE)

Sassafras (formerly Red Class-LE)

Maple (LE)

Magnolia (formerly Blue Class-UE)

Cypress (formerly Purple Class-UE)

Sycamore (formerly Yellow Class-UE)


Birch (formerly Group A)

Cedar (formerly Group B)

WOM Children's House Volunteer Opportunities